Bespoke development


The Flexico® Group also develops unique packaging solutions. Whatever the application or sector of activity, our sales team will offer you the technical and technological options that are best suited to your product and your customers.


The 4 key questions you must ask yourself when starting a bag project:

  • Which shape of bag should you choose? : Flat bag, bottom bellows, Doypack®, K-seal, flat bottom, pouch, box pouch.
  • What features should your film have? : transparency, gloss, rigidity, puncture resistance, oxygen barrier, water vapour barrier, aroma preservation.
  • Which closure solutions should you pick? : Sensogrip®, Self-adhesive tab, Drawstring, Zipgrip®, Slider, Tin-tie.
  • What finish do you need? : the different types of hanging options (European hole, round hole, hook, Wickett bundle) and specific treatments (punched hole, bottom filling…).

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