Flexico®, an eco-responsible business


An eco-responsible company is a company that takes environmental issues into consideration in its production process with the ultimate aim of saving natural resources as much as possible and minimising its impacts on ecosystems.


Flexico® initiated this approach several years ago working on the following 4 main objectives:


  • An internal waste management and energy control policy: we optimise our percentage of waste and our energy consumption throughout our production cycle in order to reduce the effects on our environment.
  • Our products are manufactured in France and our carriers are selected to reduce the distance that the product has to travel between our factories and our end customer, and reduce our CO2 emissions.
  • Recycling of production waste using a re-granulation process: we have a re-granulation process that allows us to reuse all or part of our plastic waste in our production for the products that can allow it.
  • Second life of the waste: the waste that we cannot reuse is redistributed to our partners who need it in order to give it a second life.
  • Finally, our products are re-usable because they are resealable and are often used for a secondary purpose, thereby extending their lifespan.

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