Flexico’s technical department works methodically in order to be flexible and maximize the control of the company’s innovation requirements. We work according to a funnel method to prioritise and identify the positioning of projects in the organization. The 4 phases of this funnel are as follows :

  1. Initialization : requirement analysis and project qualification
  2. Development : project validation, R&D underway
  3. Industrialisation : verification that the product can be produced on a large scale
  4. Product commercialization

The development of competition and the immediacy of the world we live in means that we need to respond more and more quickly to changes in the marketplace. On this basis, the organisation of our operating system consists of distinguishing between two types of project :

  1. Projects which fall into the category of continuous improvment and which mobilize the existing expertise and knowledge within the company and for a defined period of time.
  2. Innovation projects requiring more orderliness, more involvement and which can affect several departments within the company ranging from the production department to the sales department, and even marketing… In such cases, we identify the impact upstream on a mid to long term vision and by organizing the acquisition of new expertise.

In any event, every new innovation at Flexico begins by identifying a requirement from the packaging market, followed by the project’s validation by the different players within the company to determine the genuine interest of the project. Finally, a dedicated team is mobilized.

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