Minigrip® Bio-based : The latest of Minigrip® range !

Aware of the challenges to the packaging market, Flexico® is innovating, developing and optimizing its manufacturing processes to create innovative, eco-designed and sustainable reclosable packaging.

A key player for over 60 years thanks to its quality and strength, the Minigrip® bag has been transformed in response to the circular economy law.

Same quality, same price AND ECO-RESPONSIBLE!

  • The Minigrip® Bio-based bag is mono-material and certified RECYCLABLE.
  • Thanks to its 60μm thickness and reclosable zipper, the Minigrip® Bio-based bag is
  • Made from a natural renewable resource (sugar cane), the Minigrip® Bio-based bag becomes ECO-RESPONSIBLE.

To attest to its recyclability, the Minigrip® Bio-based bag is certified by one organization:

Institut cyclos-HTP

Discover, test and adopt the new Minigrip® Bio-based bag.


Why don’t you too CONSIDER GOING GREEN?

Discover the video presentation of the sachet :

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