Flexico® Group’s history from 1950 to now

1950: Birth of Flexico® and the Zip Français
The company was founded in 1950 by Mr Etienne Moulin. Drawn to a simple idea: extruding a plastic closure system wich is shaped like spaghetti and closes everything.
1962: Construction of the Hénonville plant
The company grew, the Hénonville plant was built and we witnessed the creation of the Minigrip®. The resealable bag with one or two red stripes that has become known and recognised for its quality and French manufacturing.

Henonville factory

1977: Creation of the Maignelay plant
As the company grew, it became necessary to build a new factory to accommodate the converting operations of the extruded polypropylene film in Hénonville.

Maignelay factory

1990: The Zipgrip® was born
The development of press to close systems was in full swing. This was the birth of the Zipgrip range® with the launch of new zippers like the Flexitop®.
2000: Flexico® expanded internationally
The group started by going into Germany and then pursued its development in England, Spain, Italy and Roumania.
2010: Flexico® developed the Joker®
In order to offer its customers a comprehensive range, Flexico® continued its development by integrating the Joker® solution into its product range.
2020: And today?

Flexico® remains focused on the aim that has contributed considerably to its development: creating value for its customers. The group’s teams achieve this by anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s consumers in order to “captivate your customers” with new challenges such as the preservation of the environment. Flexico® has 350 patents to its name and does not intend to stop there.

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