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The Joker® system is a combination of a packing bag filling and pre-formed bags. It is small, versatile, economical and ergonomic and has the facility to change bag format quickly and easily. This innovative packaging solution is ideally suited to small and medium-sized businesses looking for a comprehensive solution to speed up their production and optimise bagging. It is suitable for every business sector and can be integrated into existing production lines.


A system that combines simplicity, flexibility and performance!


A continuous chain of bags, which are linked to each other, runs towards the filling zone guided by rails which are spaced in such a way as to open the bags so that they can be manually or automatically filled. The bags are then heat-sealed and individually separated.

Given how simple the machine is to use, the operators can work with confidence and carry out the few maintenance operations required by the machine by themselves without difficulty.

The highly versatile Joker® bag filling machine allows you to easily change bag type according to your production and make your own adjustments of the marchine opening arms, which carry your bags to the filling section.

A bespoke bag filling machine!


We offer you a comprehensive and versatile solution from a wide range of standard machines, which can themselves be configured and adapted. These machines are between 3 and 5 meters long and 7 item references are currently available.


The many options provide excellent versatility making this machine suitable to every needs: thermal transfer coder, inkjet printer, labelling machines, gravimetric dosing, conveyor..

A tailor-made partnership


Thanks to this solution that is more than just a packaging system, you will also benefit from Flexico’s expertise and support in:

  • Choosing the machine that is best suited to your needs from a selection of 7 models.
  • Designing the format and material of the bags (PE, PP, Laminates).
  • Assisting you in launching your production: on-site installation and training.
  • Improving your productivity (from 30 to 50 bags/minute excluding printing) and your competitiveness.
  • Offering you an approachable and fast-acting after-sales service (a sales assistant, a sales technician, a Methods & Process Engineer).

With the same machine, the Joker® system can pack a wide variety of products in flexible packaging solutions with different dimensions, closure systems or options.

The opening of the bags is adjustable according to the shape and size of the products to be packed. As a manufacturer, Flexico® offers you a unique range of resealable bags tailor-made for Joker® machines.

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