Reclosable systems

Resealable packaging: a must-have!


The range of Flexico® closure systems fulfils the requirements of consumers: 85% express their preference for a reliable and resealable packaging solution and 74% favour a packaging solution that is easy to open. Including a Zip in your packaging allows you to open and close the package at will, and radically improves the user experience.


Finally, 92% of consumers would like packaging that retains the freshness of the product, which is why we designed hermetic zippers. By preserving all the freshness of the product, Sensogrip® helps to reduce food waste.


Flexico® offers an exclusive range of locking systems:

  • Zipgrip®: the guarantee of a properly resealed bag (zip closure).
  • Sensogrip®: the most hermetic solution multitrack closure on the market.
  • Topmatic®: the slider closure system that is practical, mobile, intuitive and easiest to use whatever the conditions.

Zippers tailored to every market


In order to adapt to the packaged product, the industrial specifications and the specific features of the manufacturing and/or storage environment, Flexico® offers you suitable closure systems for:

  • sterilisation
  • pasteurisation
  • freezing
  • ambient
  • chilled
  • solid

Faced with the growing need for protection and security, the press to close systems may be equipped with tamper-proof technology that indicates when the packaging has been opened.

Many possible applications!


The zippers developed by Flexico® can be positioned at different places on your packaging: at the top of the bag (Top zip), on the front of the bag (Front zip).

This resealable packaging, which is commonly positioned at the top of the bag, offers consumers a wide opening for easy access to the products with your hands, an ustensil or by pouring.

In the front position, the closure system fits more easily on production lines and makes it easy to pour the contents of the package.

Mono-material slider tracks made in France


Our zippers are made out of extruded or co-extruded polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) to improve the technical features of the closure, including weldability in particular.

Thanks to the quality of the materials used and the composition of our formulations, the plastic packaging has good welding properties and it is extremely practical for your consumers as a result.

Our zips are all produced in France and available in a mono-material version to guarantee a 100% recyclable closure system that complies with the EU Circular Economy Roadmap.

Closure systems adapted to most packaging machines:


The slider tracks are designed to fit your machines and your films in order to offer the best possible industrial performance. They can be used on most of the packaging machines available on the market:

  • horizontal or vertical FFS machines
  • Flowpack machines
  • converting machines

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