Meeting with Philippe GEORGES, Technical Director at Flexico for 6 years, who reviews the history and creation of the Safegrip®.

What was the incentive to work on this new concept ?
« We spotted an opportunity following a new European regulation being implemented. Since the 5th December 2014, this regulation stipulates «The current provisions that apply to flexible packaging containing dangerous chemical substances and which are intended for single usage do not offer sufficient protection. A more efficient uniform approach which would guarantee a better protection of the population, and particularly young children and other vulnerable groups, whilst at the same time allowing the free circulation of the chemical products contained in the flexible packaging is thereby justified. ». We have therefore decided to search for a solution that meets this new issue imposed by European regulation. New packaging that is difficult to open for children but easy to open/use for adults. »
What were the steps of the project ?
« Once the project was approved, we defined work groups to exchange and work on different hypotheses which lead us to a solution which seemed to be suitable.
This solution was submitted to the IBE : the organization in charge of the CRC certification (Child Resistent Closure). The IBE conducted a series of tests with children where we were able to participate. Thanks to these comments and observations, we were able to understand why the certification failed. Within only a month, we were able to submit a second version of the packaging to the IBE which was certified. This version has now been patented and is marketed by Flexico®. »
Are you working on any new projects for closure systems today ?
« We are pursuing our developments and working on continuous improvement. Regarding Safegrip® we have improved its closing system following a consumer test that we carried out with GFK. We have improved the packaging in order to assure the user that the bag is closed by adding a more efficient dual sound and touch effect to the closure.
Today we market this concept in two different ways :
– A complete range of Safegrip® bags
– A licence to affix our concept on our customers packaging »

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