Safegrip® : the closure concept for child protection


Thanks to the patented system requiring the packaging to be opened by the coordination of movements with both hands, a child aged from 0 to 6 years old cannot open the packaging in less than 5 minutes. Nevertheless, this CRC certified system remains easy to open for adults and senior citizens and has a sound and tactile effect which guarantees it is properly closed.


The closure has a dissuasive effect on children and therby limits the risk of poisoning.

Safegrip® was rewarded twice in 2017 :

  • At the Pack The Future competition in the social benefit category
  • At the Packaging Oscars

oscar 2017 for packaging

Pach the future

A patented and safe /secure closure

Safegrip® is the first patented closure concept developed for flexible packaging to be certified CRC (Child Resistant Closure) available on the European market.

An increase in the number of child poisoning cases on a worldwide scale has been observed in recent years mainly among children aged 0 to 6 years old. We record around 16 000 cases of poisoning per year and over 1000 deaths. We have therefore developed Safegrip® to address the problem of child protection.

> Download the CRC certificate
> Discover ou Safegrip® brochure


A limited investment

As with our other closure systems, the Safegrip® system is easy and fast to implement for manufacturers. It is suitable for numerous markets, in particular :

  • Detergents
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • DIY
  • Tobacco
  • Batteries

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