Sensogrip® : the most hermetic multi-track closure on the market !


The Sensogrip® closure, obtained after 2 years of research, was developed to offer a sound and tactile sensation, without compromising on the technical and environmental properties.

An innovative and effective system

The Sensogrip® was designed with a multi-track hermaphroditic system which guarantees the bag’s closure intuitively. Hence, it is not necessary to align the tracks to close the bag.

The calibration of the internal opening forces ensures that the closure will not undergo excessive pressure causing the bag to open and thereby the contamination or leakage of the product. The packaged product retains its properties thanks to the Sensogrip® closure which limits its exposure to air, guarantees the product’s hygiene and its conservation.

All of our zips are designed to adapt to your machines and your films in order to offer you the best industrial performance. The Sensogrip® is food contact acceptable and suitable for all markets.

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