In the beginning, the Sensogrip® zip was developed to be used with the Safegrip® concept, patented by Flexico. The Safegrip® is a bag which is difficult to open for children but easy to open/use for adults. It was necessary to create a Zip that fulfilled the Safegrip® promise : to guarantee the consumer had a bag which closed correctly and could not be easily opened by children.

Based on this principle, we have created a closure system where the hooks do not need to be aligned to ensure the bag’s closure. Therefore the consumer can easily close the bag simply and intuitively. There is no need to check that it is correctly closed.

As this profile was of interest to customers in other industry sectors, we have rolled out a range of Sensogrip® zips. So far, this Zip is used in numerous sectors such as food, with the emmental cheese Président bag or textile with the Athéna bag.

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