ZIPGRIP : practical in everyday life !


Easy opening and closing

Zipgrip® has been the group’s flagship for over forty years. Internationally recognised, it is the closure profile used on all of our Minigrip® bags. This « press to close » profile allows the packaging to be opened and closed easily. It can also be provided with a «Clicky » sound effect which reassures the consumer that the bag is properly closed.

Conserved properties :

Thanks to its reclosure properties, the Zipgrip® profile contributes to the conservation of the product and its aromas from the moment it is opened. It can be reused and the consumer can therefore use the product in stages as desired thereby avoiding food wastage.

Recyclable and adaptable :

The Zipgrip® ZIP is produced in our French production plants. It is made from 100% mono-material, is 100% recyclable and food contact acceptable.


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